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Priscilla Maia,
Employment Engagement Manager

Abbey's insights and advices are always backed up with research and solid facts, we therefore trust Abbey to lead the way in our projects and have implemented the majority of her business development ideas. Abbey's creativity makes her one of the best professionals in the Digital Marketing industry.I have not mentioned a second to none marketing and analytical skills, her ability to identify gaps, suggest solutions and her unique ability to implement strategies in a clean, constant and organised manner.

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Oleksii Maltsev,
IT agency's partner

Abbey is a great person I’ve ever worked with. Her soft and management skills are enormous! She is well organized and goal-oriented person I’ve ever met. On top of that, she provides clear feedbacks, expectations, and requirements. I truly believe her high motivation, professional attitude, and critical thinking are the key points of her success. I’d love to keep working with her and I wish all the best for her!


Nona Maria Goleanu,
Creative agency's founder

Abbey is simply fantastic to work with! She makes every task very clear, is fast in communicating and offers very clear feedback. The thing I appreciate most is that she is extremely organised in briefing me and that is the key to the success of any project. I work as the designer of Origani's social media assets under direct guidance from Abbey, following a precise digital marketing plan for the brand's reach in the online medias. Happy to work with her anytime and could not recommend her more!



Metody Stanchev,
Website Developer

Abbey is outstanding specialist, highly-creative and hard working employee. We worked on the same project for almost 2 years and she turned to be a trustful team member who contributed greatly to the overall success of the business. I highly recommend her as a proven professional in the Digital Marketing field.


Vladislav Alyoshechkin,
ICT Project Manager

I'd like to recommend Abbey as a skilled Project Manager with nice, soft and clear communication. I have beed working with her for almost a year now in a Magento project and it is a great pleasure to work with her. Her personal approach is very effective and motivates my whole team to provide great results.


Marc Brauer,
Social media agency's founder

I had the pleasure of working with Abbey and managing the digital marketing initiatives for Origani. It was so great to work with a Marketing Manager adept at forward planning and who strives to drive brand management and future success. Her dedication to her work is above reproach.


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