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Opening for my next challenges
to make a change.
The sustainable way.


This is me

I'm a data -driven Project Manager that focuses on achieving KPIs, nurturing long-term relationships, meeting deadlines without compromising quality, experienced across organization, agency and in-house environments.

Content Strategy  eCommerce Strategy 
 Efficiency Enhancement   Project Management 

 Digital Marketing   Profit Growth

 Business Branding    Budget Optimization 

 Relationship management   Strategic Decisions 

I advise businesses in operation optimization & execute initiatives with revenue strategic decisions

Every businesses are unique and required customized strategies to achieve the best performance.

​With a solid background in Business Operation and Digital Marketing, I provide customized strategies, resource planning, infrastructure building and implement the foundation for the team to thrive. 

In digital world, everything can be measured from Brand Awareness to Customer Loyalty. Eventually, everything should be about Return On Investment.

Clients &

Clients I'm proudly to dedicate to...

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... and Agencies I'm thrilled to work with!

What We all Love
about  Me



Therefore, your customers, business partners and team members will be able to communicate with me in their own preferred way.

I am fluent in English, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

Mình thông thạo tiếng Anh, tiếng Việt và tiếng Phổ Thông. Vì thế, mình có thể giao tiếp với khách hàng, đối tác kinh doanh và các thành viên trong nhóm của bạn theo cách họ mong muốn.

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